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The BVKM is short for the 'Belangenvereniging Van Kleine Mensen' or 'Association of Little People'. We are the unique association in the Netherlands for little people, and collect al men and women shorter than 1m55, although the average length is about 1m30.
The BVKM has more than 300 members. The total amount of inhabitants of the Netherlands is about 16.000.000 inhabitants. We know there are much more inhabitants in the Netherlands who can be, because of their length, potentially member of our association, but who don't have any reason to ask for membership, because they have no interest in seeing people of their own stature: they find it 'normal' to live between persons of average length.
Although the people of the Netherlands are the tallest people in the world! The average Dutch man is about 1m84, and the average Dutch woman is about 1m70. About half of our members has achondroplasia as a reason for their short-stature, all others a mix of 40 reasons.
bvkm exists for
  • people who at adult age have a body length smaller than 1.55 metres
  • children, under the age of 18 years, who expect to have a small adult body length, and their parents
bvkm aims
  • to serve the common and individual interests of all its members
  • to maintain contacts with government departments, other agencies and interested parties to attract collaboration/co-operation from various professionals and groups
  • to maintain contacts with similar organisations in other countries
bvkm publications
  • a three monthly magaz