De APPT blikt terug op een mooi BVKM-weekend

Austin Tetard, and I went to the Netherlands to an international friendly sport meeting, organized by the BVKM, the Dutch Association of Little People.

First of all, I would like to thanks all the volunteers who have contributed to the organization of this wonderful event! We will never forget, how warmly welcomed we have been, by all those who were there.

I really want to give a special thanks to Ellen who has always been looking after us, and making sure everything was fine for us two. “Hartelijk dank Ellen!” And I surely don’t want to forget to thanks Stephanie Hendriks, to have had the will to set up this weekend and to launch it to others countries!

After a short night, we gave our best to proudly represent our association throughout the sports activities! Hockey, badminton, basketball, rugby and football were programmed!
Given our muscular pains and how sweaty we were, you can be sure we have done all we could to give a good image of the APPT!

Saturday evening was also an intense moment, where we have noticed how dance and music go beyond the borders! We’ve also taken the opportunity to invite all the others associations to join us to the sports weekend which will take place in Perpignan on October 26th/27th!
We felt that was something important to do, to join this movement and friendship, which are starting to be built between the various European associations.

Saying goodbye on Sunday morning was tough, but we are so proud and happy to have made part of this moment of happiness, of sharing, and of sport for sure!

I hope to have shared with you, through this article, in the best words I could all the fun we had to be part of this event.

Looking forward to see as many of you as possible in Perpignan.

Alexi Dajean